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Resources for the Study of Indian History
Science in Classical Indian Texts
Reading Texts: A Process of Discovering and Recovering Context Meenakshi Bauri
Science, Technology and Human Development Vijay Bedekar, PhD
Bhishma and Sri Krishna
The New Value System in the Mahabharata
Sitansu S. Chakravarti, PhD
From Morality to Moksa – Freedom in the Mahabharata Sitansu S. Chakravarti, PhD
Salvation: Hindu influence on Christianity Koenraad Elst, PhD
The Myth of Aryan Invasions of India M. Lal Goel, PhD
On the Misportrayal of India: Toward a New Look at Indian History David B. Gray, PhD
The Indian Caste System and The British:
Ethnographic Mapping and the Construction of the British Census in India
Kevin Hobson
Indic Ideas in the Graeco-Roman World Subhash Kak, PhD
Caste in Medieval India: The Beginnings of a Reexamination Dileep Karanth
From Manusmriti to Madhusmriti: Flagellating a Mythical Enemy Madhu Kishwar
A historical perspective of Americans of Asian Indian origin
Srirajasekhar Bobby Koritala
What Eleventh-Century Spain Knew About Indian Science and Math Alok Kumar, PhD
Alberuni on Pre-Islamic India’s Science, Math, and Architecture Vinod Kumar
India as Alberuni saw it Vinod Kumar
India’s Place in Global Consciousness Rajiv Malhotra and David Gray, PhD
Eurocentrism of Hegel, Marx, Mueller, Monier Williams Rajiv Malhotra
Language Hegemony and the Construction of Identity Rajiv Malhotra
Democracy in Ancient India Steve Muhlberger, Nipissing University
East meets West: Oriental Seeds in Occidental Soil Swami B.G. Narasingha
and Satyaraja dasa (Steven Rosen)
Hindu View on Women Asha Lata Pandey
Christianity, Hinduism and Cosmology Gopala Rao
Alberuni’s India – Edited with Notes and Indices Edward C. Sachau
Independence and illusion of equality Jeremy Seabrook
Sreni (Guilds): a Unique Social Innovation of Ancient India Manikant Shah & D.P. Agrawal
The Gems of Pre-British India Manikant Shah
Revival of the ancient Baltic religions Jonas Trinkunas
Lithuanian folklore as a source of Baltic religion: the fire ritual Inija Trinkuniene