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If India were India, She Could Lead the World Anindita Niyogi Balslev
Contemporary Influence of Sita Anju P. Bhargava
Kali’s Child: Psychological And Hermeneutical Problems Somnath Bhattacharyya
Hindu Thought and Culture for a Globalizing World T.H. Chowdary, PhD
Why Study Humanities? The Biocultural Mandate Maria M. Colavito
Heart Ethics: The Indian Legacy and Human Ecology After The Year 2000 Antonio T. de Nicolas, PhD
The Importance of Ahimsa in theĀ Yoga Sutra, in Gandhi’s Thought, and in the Modern World Hope K. Fitz, PhD
Revealing the Face of Another: Teaching Religion in a Pluralistic World David M. Freedholm
Asian Americans M. Lal Goel, PhD
India – A Land of Contrasts, Sanitation and Spirituality M. Lal Goel, PhD
Sri Aurobindo on the Future Role for India M. Lal Goel, PhD
Are Indic Traditions Polytheistic? David Gray, PhD
The Indian Caste System and The British Kevin Hobson
Ethnocentrism and the very idea of literary theory* Patrick Colm Hogan
Toward a cognitive science of poetics: Anandavardhana, Abhinavagupta, and the theory of literature* Patrick Colm Hogan
As in a Dream Piet Hut
A Lover of Indian Wisdom Subhash Kak, PhD
Eleven Objections to Sanskrit Literary Theory: A Rejoinder Kapil Kapoor
Deadly Laws and Zealous Reformers:
The Conflicting Interpretations and Politics of Sati
Madhu Kishwar
From Manusmriti to Madhusmriti Flagellating a Mythical Enemy Madhu Kishwar
Naive Outpourings of a Self-Hating Indian
A Review of Deepa Mehta’s ‘Fire’
Madhu Kishwar
Who Am I? Living Identities vs. Acquired Ones Madhu Kishwar
Yes to Sita, No to Ram! Madhu Kishwar
Beyond Postmodernism:Towards a Future Psychology Kundan
Globalizing the Human Renaissance Rajiv Malhotra and David Gray, PhD
A Hindu View of the American Academy of Religions Convention 2000 Rajiv Malhotra
Bhagvadgita on Caste Rajiv Malhotra
Empowerment of Hindu Women in Scholarship Rajiv Malhotra
Gita on Fighting Terrorism Rajiv Malhotra
The Position of Hinduism in America’s Higher Education Rajiv Malhotra
Stereotyping Hinduism in American Education Rajiv Malhotra
Who Speaks for Hinduism? Rajiv Malhotra
The Hindu Roots of Universalism, and Its Relevance to Modern Religious Studies June McDaniel
Negative Pressures in the American Educational System on Hindu Identity Formation: The Effects of Tertiary Education Rodney F. Moag
Devas: Outer, Inner, Both, or Neither? Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD
Neo-Colonial Captive Minds Devan Nair (former President of Singapore)
Gandhi and Non-Violence: Doctrines of Ahisa and Satyagraha B.R. Nanda
Caste, Culture and Cosmos Patrizia Norelli-Bachalet
Coverage of ‘bride burning’ in the ‘Dallas Observer’: a cultural analysis of the ‘Other’ Radhika Parameswaran
Decolonizing English Studies: Attaining Swaraj Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
Postmodernism and India: Some Preliminary Animadversions Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
Rethinking America: A Trans-Civilizational Approach Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
Spiritual Sites as Sources of Social Transformation: Lessons from Svadhyaya Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
Spiritual Traditions of India and Modern Challenges Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
Svaraj and Postmodernism Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
Tradition, Modernity and Postmodernity
The Local, National, and Global: Challenges in Theory
Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
The Availability of Mahatma Gandhi: A Personal Report Makarand Paranjape, A.M., PhD
A World in Turmoil Mira A. Patel
Commercial Ventures and Tour Bus Scholarship in Banaras Ratnesh Pathak
Assessing an Indian Government: The New York Times’ and The Washington Post’s Editorials on India, 1998-2000 Ramesh N. Rao, PhD
Beyond Mass Communication: A Communications Studies Agenda for India Ramesh N. Rao, PhD
Letter by Professor Ravi Ravindra Criticizing False Interpretation of
Hinduism-Buddhism by Theologian
Ravi Ravindra
Science and the Sacred Wandering One Gathers Honey Ravi Ravindra
Science and Wisdom-Compassion
(Contribution to ‘Future Visions’ Conference)
Ravi Ravindra
What Calls You, Pilgrim? Ravi Ravindra
Hegemony and Historiography: The Politics of Pedagogy Yvette Claire Rosser, PhD – A.B.D.
Imagining Jambudvipa Yvette Claire Rosser, PhD – A.B.D.
History Wars and the Paparazzi Yvette Claire Rosser, PhD – A.B.D.
Puzzling Dimensions and Theoretical Knots in my Graduate School Research Yvette Claire Rosser, PhD – A.B.D.
Stereotypes in Schooling: Negative Pressures in the American Educational System Yvette Claire Rosser, PhD – A.B.D.
The Globalization of Popular Culture and Language Yvette Claire Rosser, PhD – A.B.D.
Exchange between educators, on how to teach India in USA schools Yvette C. Rosser and David Stone
Turmoil, Hope and the Swadhyaya T.S. Rukmani, PhD
Perspectives from the Indic Religious Traditions Arvind Sharma, PhD
Eros, Ethics, and Enlightenment: Towards a Reconstructive Approach to Ultimate and Penultimate Goals in Hindu Theology Rita Dasgupta Sherma
Abhishiktananda’s Contemplative Vocation and Contemporary India Judson B. Trapnell
The Indian Census, Hindu-Christian Dialogue, and Perceiving the Religious ‘Other’ Judson B. Trapnell
Teaching Hinduism, Resistance to Change, and Misperceiving the Religious ‘Other’ Judson B. Trapnell
Gandhi, Abhishiktananda, and the Challenge of Reperceiving the Religious ‘Other’ Judson B. Trapnell
Gandhi’s Tiger: Multilingual Elites, the Battle for Minds, and English Romantic Literature in Colonial India Ruth Vanita
Whatever Happened to the Hindu Left? Ruth Vanita
Articles on “Teaching Indic Traditions” Various
Summary of the World Congress for the Preservation of Religious Diversity