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Did You Know?

Did You Know?
By D.P. Agrawal

Did You Know 1: Where the earliest dockyard of the world is located?

Did You Know 2: Where zinc metal was smelted and extracted for the first time?

Did You Know 3: Where zinc was first produced by distillation process?

Did You Know 4: When did zinc distillation technology reach China and from where?

Did You Know 5: Which civilization of the world had the earliest planned layout of the cities?

Did You Know 6: Where the rust free massive iron pillar is located in India. When was it built and who got it built?

Did You Know 7: Turmeric, an Indian ancient traditional healing medicine, was patented in US by Indian-Americans?

Did You Know 8: Did you know who was Aryabhatt and what was his birth date?

Did You Know 9: Did you know how the unethical US Patent on the famous Indian Basmati rice was fought and won?

Did You Know 10: Did you know that simple traditional techniques could control difficult pests and save a lot of money?

Did You Know 11: Did you know where the famous Bower manuscript was found and what is its importance for Ayurvedic Studies?

Did You Know 12: Did you know Joseph Needham, in addition to his work on science in China, was equally impressed by the achievements of India in the field of knowledge and learning?

Did You Know 13: Did you know Bhaskaracharya? What was he famous for and when did he live?

Did You Know 14: Did you know that smallpox inoculation started in India before the West?

Did You Know 15: Did you know that India in the 18th Century was exporting its technology to England?

Did You Know 16: Did you know that cow urine distillate has been found to be a bio-enhancer?

Did You Know 17: Did you know that the famous poet Omar Khayyam was also an astronomer?

Did You Know 18: Did you know that honey has been found effective in healing festering wounds?