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Did you know that cow urine distillate has been found to be a bio-enhacer?

Did You Know?
By D.P. Agrawal

Question: Did you know that cow urine distillate has been found to be a bio-enhancer?

Answer: The US Patent No. 6,410,059 (issued June 25, 2002) has been taken by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (India) for a Pharmaceutical composition containing cow urine distillate and an antibiotic.

Summary of the Invention

The invention relates to new use of a known abundantly available cow urine distillate as an enhancer of antibiotic action on the target. The molecule of invention helps in the absorption of antibiotics across the cell membrane in animal cells, gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Similar activities can also be obtained by using the distillate of the urine of cow at 40- 50 degree C and from the concentrate, which is lyophilized and dissolved for further use. Further the urine distillate from buffalo, camel, deer provides similar activity of bioavailability.

A pharmaceutical composition comprising an antibiotic and cow urine distillate in an amount effective to enhance antimicrobial effect of the antibiotic is disclosed. The antibiotic can be an antifungal agent. The antibiotic can be a quinolone or a fluoroquinolone. The antifungal agent can be azoles, clotrimazole, mystatin or amphotericin. When the antibiotic is an anti-tuberculosis agent, selected from the group consisting of isoniazid, pyrazinamide and ethambutal, anti-tuberculosis effect of said agent is enhanced 2 to 80 folds.

For further details, search for ‘cow and india and urine’ on the advanced search page of http://patft.uspto.gov/