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Science in Classical Indian Texts

Science in Classical Indian Texts

The Infinity Foundation projects on History of Indian Science and Technology are based on a policy decision to be conservative and rigorous before accepting claims.In particular, we have wished to focus on those areas where physical evidence is available today, for scientific examination objectively, e.g. archeological evidence.

Therefore our projects have avoided including those claims that are extrapolated from classical Indian texts, such as Mahabharata.This conservative policy is partly because many exaggerations have been made by scholars lacking vigor and due diligence. This has earned the field a bad reputation, with “chauvinism” being a common allegation.

The collection of scientific claims presented in this special section is not a part of our History of Indian Science and Technology projects, for the reasons mentioned above.

The purpose for this section is to bring classical text based claims to serious forums for debate and critical examination, something that the old school controlling power over scholarship has prevented.

These claims are the work of an independent organization. Each claim must be evaluated on its own merits. The group doing this work has so far supplied 12 items, but has 1,000 items documented in total, of which 300 are in extensive detail with considerable bibliographies.

We encourage such work and new debates.

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  1. Causes for Eclipses (922 KB)
  2. Circling the Square (996 KB)
  3. Distillation (974 KB)
  4. Electrical Cell (965 KB)
  5. Gravitational Force (1011 KB)
  6. Light (906 KB)
  7. Motions (945 KB)
  8. Period One Sidereal Day (872 KB)
  9. Size of an Atom (930 KB)
  10. Sunrise (949 KB)

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