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Indian Earthquake Matching Grant Program

Indian Earthquake Matching Grant
Program with the American Red Cross

 American Red Cross
of Central New Jersey
 707 Alexander Road, Suite 101
Princeton, NJ 08540-6399
609-951-8550 – Fax: (609) 951-9787
 123 How Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
732-418-0800 – Fax: (732) 418-1094



Contact: David J. Novak – Director Communications
(609) 951-2116 – Pager: (609) 895-9356 – Cell Phone (609) 213-8196


Infinity Foundation
Indian Earthquake Matching Grant Program

Wednesday, January 31, 2001…The American Red Cross of Central New Jersey has announced that the Infinity Foundation has established a matching grant program of $10,000 with all proceeds to go to the American Red Cross Indian Earthquake Relief Fund.

Individuals and companies that donate to the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey Indian Earthquake Relief Fund, the Infinity Foundation will match donations of $500 and up to a total of $10,000.

According to Kevin Sullivan, CEO of the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey: “The earthquake was the most intense earthquake to occur in the region in 40 years. Thanks to the fund raising and public awareness efforts of the Infinity Foundation, the Red Cross will be able to pinpoint the areas where local support can be of the greatest assistance.”

Donations may be sent to:

American Red Cross of Central New Jersey
Indian Earthquake Relief Fund
707 Alexander Road Suite 101
Princeton, NJ 08540

Credit card contributions can be made by calling 609-951-2126 or 609-951-8550.

For more information please visit http://www.njredcross.org.

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Gujarat Earthquake Recovery Phase Projects

Gujarat Earthquake Funding

  • Funds raised to date:  $11,077,007
  • Funds pledged to date:  $14,500,000
  • Expenses to date for relief:  $ 1,722,499
  • Funds balance for recovery phase:  $ 9,354,508

Gujarat Earthquake Relief Phase Activities Transition from Relief to Development:

  • Earthquake occurred on January 26, 2001.
    • ARC relief phase inputs (completed April 2001):
      • Relief supplies distributed :
        • 15,040 blankets
        • 25,200 tarpaulins
        • 500 rolls of plastic sheeting
        • 5,000 tents
        • 15,000 kitchen sets
        • 13,000 five-gallon buckets with lids
        • 4 WHO Emergency Health Kits
    • Beneficiaries: 242,199 (38,037 families)
    • IRT staff deployed: 19

Gujarat Earthquake Recovery Phase Projects Transition from Relief to Development:

  • ARC recovery phase plans:
  • Develop projects with Indian Red Cross Society in Community Health, Psychosocial Support, Water/ Sanitation, Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Projects to begin June/July 2001, and run for 3 years. (2001 – 2004)
  • Current ARC recovery phase project development activities: Assessments and development of project proposals, recruitment of long term delegates and ARC office in New Delhi being established
  • ARC Delegation to open in August 2001

Integrated Community Health Project
Duration: 3 years (2001 June/July – 2004)
Number of beneficiaries: 454,00

  • Decrease infant and maternal mortality rates by improving health promotion and service delivery practices
  • Improve the capacity of the Indian Red Cross Society

Psychosocial Support Project

  • The Indian Red Cross Society has asked for ARC assistance in developing a psychosocial support project for the benefit of those affected by the Gujarat earthquake, as well in developing the capacity of the IRCS to provide similar services in future disasters.
  • Proposed project, beginning May/June 2001, will target affected areas of Kachchh district, population approx 400,000.
  • Duration: initial project: 6 months, followed by capacity building of IRCS over 2 -3 years.

Psychosocial Support Project Objectives

  • Increase the capacity of the Indian Red Cross Society ( IRCS) to offer psychosocial services to the survivors of the earthquake, and also in its nationwide program development in the area of disaster mental health
  • Increase the capacity of IRCS to meet occupational stress management needs of its paid and volunteer staff who are involved in the earthquake response work

Water/Sanitation Project

  • Proposed project duration: 2 years (2001 – 2003), beginning June/July 2001, targeting communities in earthquake affected areas
  • Objective: Improve longer term water availability through community-based watershed management and water harvesting initiatives involving the repair and enhancement of community facilities for collecting surface water runoff; a significant source of water in Gujarat.

Disaster Preparedness

  • ARC inputs to include technical assistance to the Indian Red Cross Society in disaster preparedness and response. Activities may include delivery of training modules on disaster management and relief distributions and advance placement of relief supplies.

Gujarat Earthquake Recovery Phase Projects Red Cross/Crescent Movement Plans:

Sectors and Projects:

  • Health (health education projects, prevention of communicable diseases, orthopedic workshop rehabilitation, Blood bank, psychosocial support)
  • Reconstruction (Semi-permanent schools, permanent schools and health centers, housing materials)
  • Water/Sanitation (schools and health institutions, repairs to water collection/ storage, community based water harvesting, repairs of water systems)
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response (establishment of IRCS DP/DR Dept, mobile disaster units, review of warehouse/training center)

Participating National Societies:

  • Health: American Red Cross, British RC, Finnish RC, Japanese RC, German RC, Swedish RC
  • Reconstruction: Belgian RC, British RC, French RC, German RC, Italian RC, Japanese RC, Norwegian RC, Spanish RC
  • Water/Sanitation: American Red Cross, Australian RC, Austrian RC, French RC, Japanese RC, Spanish RC, Swiss RC
  • Disaster Preparedness & Response: American Red Cross, British RC, German RC, Canadian RC, Belgian RC, Finnish RC, Japanese RC, Swedish RC

LIFE (Leadership and Investment in Fighting the Epidemic) HIV/AIDS Project (2001 – 2004)

  • 3-year grant to ARC from CDC for HIV/AIDS projects in Africa and India
  • LIFE grant budget for India for year one (mid 2001 – mid 2002) is $1.6 million
  • LIFE Project in India will be implemented as a partnership between the American Red Cross and the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS)
  • Projected project start: June/July 2001