Sponsored By: Infinity Foundation

Asia Society exhibition: The Crossing

The Crossing: Living, Dying and Transformation in Banaras

The Infinity Foundation is a proud sponsor of a unique exhibition at The Asia Society, New York.

The Crossing: Living, Dying and Transformation in Banaras

Please visit the exhibition’s web site: www.crossingproject.net.

A Multimedia Experience Exhibit showcasing state-of-the-future Documents applied to India’s city of knowledge.

Spanning a rich space of expression ranging from “ritual to robotics,” The Crossing Project presents new idioms of Indian creativity, combining culture and technology, and presents a new language of interaction design for the world (termed Living Documents).

In the exhibit we invite you to explore the sacred knowledge of Banaras: from Rickshaw wheels that you can play with to produce sitar music, to e-jackets that you can click on to experience Yogis’ states of meditation, to e-pots that you can hold to learn about the creation myth of the Ganges, to hi-touch interfaces integrating technology with traditional crafts.

Through 41 installations and products, the Crossing demonstrates advancements in mobile, multimedia technology, industrial design and content. The launching of the Crossing exhibit promises to be a national, futuristic event in India.