Sponsored By: Infinity Foundation

Aids Awareness Group

Aids Awareness Group

This grant was used for HIV/AIDS patient support services.  India is now the country with the single largest number of HIV cases in the world, as per WHO estimates. Repeat usage of needles and lack of thorough blood screening before transfusions are among the many factors. AAG is a private non-profit run by 11 members. They include 3 doctors, 2 lawyers, 2 women activists, and one woman social researcher. All have considerable experience in marital and crisis counseling. Besides Aids related work, they also support human rights activities. Many other part-time volunteers and students complement their own experience. The project being carried out with Infinity’s support is to:

(a)    Enhance awareness of Aids and STDs.

(b)    Give talks on health, hygiene, and sanitation.

(c)    Provide condoms and education.

(d)    Provide medical treatment and support for Aids victims.

(e)    Provide information on legal and fundamental rights.